Sunday, January 08, 2006

More coconut palms, Aitutaki

More coconut palms, Aitutaki, originally uploaded by ScenicViews.

You guessed it - some more coconut palms. Actually they're very tasty. I drank three coconuts. The first was from Tauono's wonderful organic fruit&veg graden cafe - he hauled it down using a huge long bamboo pole with a hook on the end - a bit like fishing for coconuts high up in the trees. The green/light-brown ones are the drinking nuts, with a much lighter shell than the dark brown eating nuts. On Friday (6 Jan 06) as I was cycling around the main island of Aitutaki, a family of Aitutakians gave me a couple of drinking nuts, which they were harvesting from the trees. Very refreshing - just what I needed on a warm sunny day biking round the island...